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21 December

Black 52 Production Started in Goa by Kizansh

Marketable products of Kizansh Spirits include Black 52, Table Reserve, La Misha, Berlin Ferghana, etc.

Kizansh produced 14.4 million litres per annum of Black 52 which escalated to 35 million litres and further to 56 million litres of alcohol production annually.

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14 December

Liquor plays big role in the economical growth in our country

In the economy, the liquor industry is one of the high sources of income and creates a big role and also makes growth in the Indian economic system. As per the research, the liquor industry generates a high amount of revenue.

Liquor industry is one of the most grossing industries of our country. It is also amongst the highest sources of income that solidifies the economic stance of India. As per market research, liquor industry in India is the 3rd largest alcoholic beverage market globally.

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09 December


Brewed with licorice; a proprietary, hand-smoked malt, and almost a pound of hops from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh.

Opaque brown in colour, with muddy brown edges and a cola-coloured head that drops quickly to a ringed lace. Strong and dominating licorice aroma with an underlying robust molasses-ness and highly roasted malts. Thick-ish, deep blackstrap molasses character (sweet, tangy nectar).

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27 November

Kizansh Believes in and Follows Corporate Culture

Kizansh Group believes in corporate culture because it is the backbone of any successful organisation. Employees play a crucial role here, help evolve the company and make it a great platform.

Current reports suggest that production in other Indian states such as Goa and Punjab has also started. Currently 20 Indian states are being served with 100% customer satisfaction rates.

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05 November

International whisky in Indian Grain

Kizansh Group was started on 22nd August 2016 from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, India with a group of distilleries and bottling plants. We have had the opportunity to take multiple dives and have reaped huge amounts of profits from them.

This brand is the brainchild of Mr Harender Rautela who is also the founder. More than 20 lakh servings are currently being enjoyed across India and countries such as Africa and Nigeria.

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30 October

Kizansh Group Event: Expo of Products and Services

Kizansh works on the vision of working for India and making it in India to become the most trusted and sought-after manufacturing company in Indian market. We are admired for the quality of our products and ingredients and that becomes the reason of our demand PAN India.

We organised events in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Lucknow at business level to showcase the best products of Kizansh and their manufacturing.

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