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Our beer

Quality Ingredients

All natural

Beer is generally made from grains, hops, yeast, and water.

Quality Ingredients

Made in the UK

Kizansh mainly uses cereal grains, hops, pure water, and brewer's yeast.

Quality Ingredients

Huge variety

In beer color, flavor, and alcohol content make a combination of the natural taste.

Quality Ingredients

Stocked locally

Our beers are made in India mainly with natural grain.

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Captain's Burg

Smoky and dark in color as the characters of the warm beer with the drop of caramels. overall dryness of the beer carries through the finishing with a semi-burnt linger and bitter end.

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Kizansh Group

About Us

At Kizansh, we work with high standards of governance while focusing on working transparently regarding all terms and policies.

We are a ‘Make in India’ brand and aim to provide international bite with Indian ingredients. We aspire is to manufacture premium whisky with quality fixings that are significantly tracked down in India. To appreciate the product and quality we use handpicked grains.

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Captain's Burg

Quality & Success Deliver

Captain’s Burg- a flavour explosion in your mouth! Super strong, rich and malty describe it right.

We manufacture in-house alcohol which ensures cost, quality and product desirability. This allows value-oriented consumers direct access to best-in-class high-quality liquor.

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22 August

Plan in Action

On 22nd August, the first distillery plant was set up in Bijnor that began manufacturing with a capacity of 14.4 million bulk litres per annum.

14 October

Production of the First Beer

Prepared and aged in oak barrels, beer was made into a complex blend and a smooth texture of double cream stout.



Entered into a tie-up with ABD India for bottling of its key brands at Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. Then entered the Delhi Value Liquor market.


Increased Production and Demand

At the start, we provide products all over India as well Overseas. But some product is highly in demand in other countries like Nigeria, Daman & Diu and Africa.


Increased Production and Demand

Entered a far-reaching market subsequent to becoming popular. We are trying to establish a dignified position in India.


Beginning of Overseas Journey

Apart from India, some products are highly in demand in Nigeria and Africa.

Captain's Burg 3 Flavours
Captain's Burg 10 Outlets
Captain's Burg 8 Years brewing
Captain's Burg 21 Days til ready